the Art of Sailing is produced and hosted by former sailmaker

Phil Nicols

First released in 2001, the original 1 hour program talks about all areas of launching a successful racing sailboat campaign. 



Phil breaks down the campaign into 10 areas;

  • Boat Preparation
  • Rig Tuning
  • Crew Training
  • Sail Selection
  • Sail Trim
  • Sail Care
  • Maneuvers, Tacks, Gybes, Hoists, Takedowns
  • Electronics 
  • Tactics
  • And bonus post-race debreifing

The Original Art of Sailing (also know as "the Art of Racing Sailing") is available on DVD as well as instant download for viewing on your mobile device.

Future Episodes now in production will include; 

Upwind Sailing,

  • Win the start
  • Upwind tactics
  • Sail trim for various conditions 
  • Be first to the weather mark

Downwind Sailing

  • Tactics
  • Maneuvers 
  • How to optimize your VMG